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Working principle:

Electrical impedance principle, cyanide-free measurement HGB

Detection parameters:   

WBC triad, 23 parameters including three histograms

 20μL of peripheral blood and 10 μL of venous whole blood

Detection speed:

60 samples / hour, 24 hours continuous start-up and automatic sleep function

Calculation channel:

Dual channel

Quality control method:

LJ quality control chart, provides 9 quality control files, can perform quality control on 12 parameters at the same time

Calibration method: 

Automatic calibration and manual calibration with matching calibrators or fresh blood

Result storage:

Automatically stores 100,000 results (including histogram)


8-inch color LCD touch screen

Output port:

RS232 , standard USB , VGA , network port

Report printing:

Built-in thermal printer, can be external printer (optional)

Operating system:

Chinese / English operation

STAC CA900 Hematology Analyzer

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